Unique By Nature

About Us

Zany is where fashion meets sustainability, and style is accessible to everyone. Our upscale consignment boutique is not just a place to find the perfect outfit or give new life to your cherished clothes; it’s a journey towards a transformative experience. At Zany, every piece tells a story, and every visit brings you closer to discovering your unique style. Whether you’re seeking to refresh your wardrobe with fabulous finds or looking to consign high-quality attire that deserves a second chance, we’re dedicated to providing an inspiring, eco-friendly space that caters to all your fashion desires. Join us, and be part of a fashion transformation that celebrates style, quality, and conscious living.

Our History & Timeline

Providing inspiring styles for 20 years.

Born into modest beginnings, Zany Consignment Boutique was the product of a vision and a passion for the extraordinary. In a cozy 300 square foot space with a view of Grand Traverse Bay, Zany first opened its doors in January 2004. It wasn’t long before we developed a loyal following of creative and stylish women seeking unique, fashionable attire.

In 2007 an opportunity arose to expand into a historic house across the street. The timing was right, as our little shop by the bay was bursting at the seams. Coincidentally, the home was built by my husband’s great, great grandfather. It’s as unique and distinctive as the contents you’ll find inside.

In 2014, after seven years and three children we felt ready to grow. We found the perfect spot for our second location along beautiful East Bay.